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Albury/Wodonga Dog Mascot Race Day

A fun filled and entertaining Dog Mascot Race Day was had as businesses from the local community raised awareness and contributed donations towards the Wodonga Dog Rescue Centre for dogs and cats in need…

In its first year as a fundraising initiative the Mascot Race Day in Albury /Wodonga saw over 80 visitors gathered together as they awaited a highly anticipated three lap race. Selected local businesses provided their own Mascots as key ambassadors for their brands outside the Lavington Shopping Centre, NSW in November 2016.

The Mascot Race Day saw Middy’s Counter Sales Representative, Daniel Hanley dressed as the Middy’s Monster Mascot, compete against other rival Mascots. Other local company Mascots included Possum (Prime 7 News), Wolf (Wodonga Dog Rescue Centre), Pyson Bear (Albury Border Rescue Squad) and Buddy (PETstock). Public excitement escalated as the crowd gathered to watch the race. All Mascots involved, raced with their special helpers across three 50 meter laps, taking part in a series of challenges consisting of drinking water in their outfit through to jumping across balloons as they steered towards the finish line. The initiative was well received in the community and complimented other activities with Santa photos for younger children and families, and a Dog Wash set up for cleaning and rinsing pets across the Lavington Shopping Centre District.

Companies involved in the day consisted of Middy’s Data & Electrical, Prime 7 News, Wodonga Dog Rescue Centre, Albury Border Rescue Squad and PETstock who individually made a valuable contribution with representatives of their respective companies volunteering their time, money and effort towards the Mascot Race Day. The Wodonga Rescue Centre positively benefited from public and business donations. The funds go towards treatments for vaccinations, desexing and microchipping homeless pets and to ensure the correct animal rescue procedures and policies for rehabilitating and rehoming pets are carried out.

The Albury/Wodonga Dog Mascot Race Day was an outstanding fundraiser event for a great cause, an instant success and a privilege for Middy’s and other businesses in the local community to be a part of. The attendance and traction generated from the wider community was favourable and we look forward to participating in many more Mascot Race Days in the future.

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #17 Mar - May 2017 Edition. Read Latest Issue

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