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Middy’s Charging Ahead

Thursday 26th July, saw Middy’s Wodonga branch host an ‘Electric Vehicle Awareness Day’, supported by NHP, Ceramet Solar and Baker Mitsubishi… 

The event had significant interest, reflected by the high number of local contractors, council members, fleet dealers and electrical consultants among the guests in attendance across the morning and afternoon sessions.

Upon arrival, guests were warmly welcomed and addressed by Middy’s Director, Nicholas Middendorp. They were then treated to insightful presentations from both Ross De Rango, NHP’s specialist in electric vehicles and Michael Doolan from Ceramet Solar. Ross largely spoke about the evolution of electric vehicles and the uptake of electric vehicles in a fast-growing market. He also highlighted that this rise has a positive correlation with the electrical industry, as infrastructure will be required to accommodate electric vehicle needs. Michael’s presentation focused on exciting new solar technology, in particular, solar carports and their ability to provide businesses with a ‘Green Parking Solution’. The presentations were followed by an informal question and answer session prior to a short morning tea.

Everyone was then invited to the Charging Station in the branch car park where they could view the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and the Middy’s Energy Smart Trailer at their own leisure. This led to many dynamic and robust conversations about the future landscape of the vehicle market and specifically, electric vehicles' place within it.

Thank you to Middy’s Riverina BDM, Mat Harrington, who organised and facilitated the event and the staff involved from NHP, Ceramet Solar and Baker Mitsubishi. Follow us on Facebook to find out where
the next ‘Electric Vehicle Awareness Day’ will be hosted!

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #23 Sep - Nov 2018 Edition.  Read Latest Issue