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Bamstone Green Energy Solar Installation Case Study

The Middy’s TechEnergy solution aimed to maximise Bamstone’s return on investment and provide an effective energy cost reduction strategy in their recent Green Energy Solar Installation...

Bamstone is Australia's largest stone processing facility, based in Port Fairy. With rising energy tariffs a concern, Bamstone took a proactive approach in reducing costs by committing to a three stage Green Energy program. The core goal was to substantially lower the carbon footprint of the main processing plant. Working with Middy’s Warrnambool, the TechEnergy team proposed an LED Lighting upgrade and installed a100 Kilowatt+ solar panel system on the factory's roof space resulting in approximately 35% of Bamstone's Factory being supplied by Green Energy. The Middy's TechEnergy solution aimed to maximise Bamstone's return on investment and provide an effective energy cost reduction strategy.

  • On-site installation of over 100 Kilowatts of Solar Panels
  • Approx. 35% of factory now supplied by Green Energy
  • Significant cost savings & offsets to power price increases

“The installation of the Solar Green Energy panels marks an exciting new era of innovation for Bamstone. It's a project that we are really proud of and hope that other local and regional businesses will be inspired by our adoption of sustainable energy. The Middy's TechEnergy team was pro active, had excellent communication and feedback and were extremely professional. The installation was well co-ordintated with a major focus on job safety. We are very satisfied with Middy's and the
end result.” - Michael Steel, CEO, BAM Group

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