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Lighting for Retail Efficiency

The costs of running a retail store can be prohibitive, Southland Sea Food recently undertook an LED lighting upgrade which had a massive impact...
  • Retro LED Upgrade to existing Metal Halide Shop Lighters
  • Nearly 40% reduction in daily electricity costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs

The costs of running a high profile retail store can be prohibitive, so any opportunity to save money and increase efficiency can have a big impact. Southland Sea Food at Westfield Southland Shopping Centre recently undertook a simple LED retro lighting upgrade which had a massive impact.

A local supplier exclusive to Middy’s has engineered a 22W LED lamp that retro fits directly into existing Metal Halide Shop Lighter fittings. The 22W LED lamp replaces the 150W Metal Halide, providing around 30,000hrs lamp life compared to around 8,000hrs for the Metal Halide, so they’ll last 4-5 times as long. 

In addition, the energy savings are around 85% over Metal Halide. For Southland Sea Food where the lights are in use 12 hrs per day 7 days a week, this meant a reduction in the electricity bill of nearly 40%! The brightness comparison is about 85% with little to no noticeable lighting difference. Also there is no warm up / start up time and resultant reduced maintenance costs are lower.

Given the prolific, widespread usage of Metal Halide Shop Lighters this presents a valuable and easily attainable business opportunity for contractors. Add profitability to an existing maintenance contract or increase the scope of a new project, and provide net efficiency gains and cost savings for your customer. Note the gains in this instance were simply a result of retro fitting 12 x Shop Lighter ceiling lights. Even greater efficiency gains and cost savings can be had by adding other LED and energy saving products. Contact Middy’s for more info or simply pop in and have a chat with Frank and Alex at Middy’s Braeside and next time you’re at Southland, check out the lighting in Southland Sea Food and grab a lobster while you’re there from Con...! 

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