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Wonthaggi Fishing Trip

Winners of a recent Middy’s Wonthaggi / Clipsal promotion were treated to a deep sea fishing adventure trip targeting the much sought after Southern Bluefin Tuna. All were looking forward to the trip, and it started off well…

After a 7 hour drive to Portland the first night featured a pub dinner. Upon arriving at the bistro, we were seated at Table 13, a bad omen perhaps? Regardless, all were up early the next day and after a hearty Maccas’ breaky (some would later regret the milky coffees) we were onto the boat. Our vessel “Imagine That”, operated by Sharkmen Fishing Charters, left the harbour on a perfectly calm morning with little to no wind and a cocky, expectant group on board. That all changed 15 mins in as we rounded Point Danger and felt the effect of a 4.5m swell under our feet.

First down was Clipsal Rep Stephen Kenny, and he would struggle all morning. Needless to say we punched on through the waves before rounding Cape Nelson, backing off to about 7 knots and putting the lures out to begin our trawling. Fifteen minutes later and our first fish was on deck thanks to Jason Mathieson. Smallish, but a fish none the less. After another 30 mins and no more bites, another three of our crew were contributing to Steve’s burly trail. Our skippers Rob and Dylan decided to move to another area on the boat.  

With 4 out of 6 now feeling the effects of the swell an impromptu discussion was held and a decision made that if we could all get one fish each (5 in total, as Steve wasn’t interested) we would return to dry land! Within five minutes, with a double hook up, Ryan Kent and Leigh Milner both snagged decent catches and soon after a triple hook up ensured all lines had a fish on the boat. Before we knew it we only needed one more catch and we would be at our bag limit. Steve was asked if he thought he could, with a little help, stand up and take the next fish. He replied in the affirmative to give it a shot. Within five minutes a shaky Steve nailed the last catch of the day. With another fish caught by Rob and Dylan that took our total to 13, so our table No. from dinner was not such a bad omen after all. In the end we were bagged out hence returned to port by 10.30am. As soon as we hit the calm water the mood lifted. Our fish were filleted on deck by Rob as he prepared fresh sashimi to have with our cold beers. Our skippers Rob and Dylan from Sharkmen really looked after us and we would recommend them to anyone contemplating a deep sea Tuna fishing trip. Thanks to Clipsal for

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