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Content Anxiety Coaching

Middy’s Bayswater customer, Aaron Charlton who as well as being a qualified sparky, is now an anxiety and mindset coach. After a series of events caused a major disruption in Aaron’s life, he found himself struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. That experience, now a distant memory, inspired him to start C.A.C. (Content Anxiety Coaching).

His mission now is to help tradies overcome the stress and anxiety that can hold them back from their ideal life....

“I had a pretty blessed upbringing, not a lot went wrong. I had plenty of friends, breezed through school and suffered no significant loss. Then however in 2015/16 a series of events caused a major disruption in my life. My partner and I lost a child (stillborn), then lost another shortly after that. I witnessed a suicide at work around the same time and I also broke my hand on a football trip, just to name a few things…”

Having never dealt with this type stress and loss before, I found myself in the worst mental shape I’d ever experienced. It was honestly the hardest and most distressing time of my life.

After a lot of self reflection, research and coaching, I eventually found the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I found the key to overcoming this hurdle, I decided that I would help anyone I could to do the same. That’s how Content Anxiety Coaching came to be.

I now offer help to tradesmen struggling with anxiety/depression in a few different formats; I maintain a Facebook page with lots of helpful videos, articles and information. I also do 1 on 1 calls to many blokes who seek me out through the above mentioned page.

However, the core offer is a 2 month “TRADE-SITION” program, where I deal with most of my clients. It’s a fully online course that offers 24/7 support and covers everything from general anxiety knowledge and coping strategies to total mindset mastery.

The three main causes of stress and anxiety for tradesmen are money, relationships and time (or lack thereof!). Fortunately, by tweaking a few things mentally and physically, these aspects of life can be greatly improved.

I hope to establish Content Anxiety Coaching as an authority figure in the men’s mental health space, specifically providing help for tradies. I hope to bridge the gap between blokes and counsellors and make discussing topics like anxiety a lot more comfortable and approachable in our industry.

Good on you Aaron, we think this is a fantastic initiative for men’s health and for tradies in particular, we wish you all the best with Content Anxiety Coaching! Contact Aaron directly through his FaceBook Page at: ‘ContentAnxietyCoaching’

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #20 Dec'17 - Feb'18 Edition. Read Latest Issue

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