Supporting Australian Industry

Supporting Australian Industry


Middy's is a corporate member of AUSBUY - Keeping Jobs and Profits in Australia

The Ausbuy Charter

Too often we hear people say that they want to support Australian companies and products, yet do not know how best to do this. Australia's labelling laws are somewhat vague and not rigourously enforced, our best companies are sold overseas, and the laws of international trade prevent the government of the day taking direct action to favour Australian business.

AUSBUY is not a political organisation, we appreciate that there are winners as well as losers from these laws. However, we believe that Australian owned companies can and should be supported.

AUSBUY believes that every person wanting to support Australia should be able to make informed decisions about where they spend their dollars. To empower the purchaser and mobilise this support, it is necessary to identify Australian owned companies and their products and services. Australians enjoy a quality of life earned through its key strengths: we are a clever country, an innovative country and a productive country. AUSBUY supports Australian businesses who want to have a "fair go" and do not want to become a branch office of a foreign country.

AUSBUY is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting its Members. AUSBUY started in a recession in 1991 and has been supported by loyal Australians since then. AUSBUY Members' use our materials, build assets, pay taxes here, invest profits here, create and sustain jobs here: that is what ownership means to Australia.

The integrity of the AUSBUY brand is that it only represents Australian Owned businesses.

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