Middy's 2018 Training Scholarship Application Form

We’re looking for forward thinking contractors who see changing times and new technologies as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Applications for the 2018 Scholarship Program open on Friday 6th July. Come back and check this page then to submit your online application. To get you thinking, the questions will look something like below, so bookmark the date and see you on the 6th of July...  
  • Tell us about your business and or workplace and how you believe it can benefit from further training
  • Tell us your business goals and aspirations
  • Tell us about any previous training you have undertaken in the past 12-24 months
  • Identify emerging industry themes and potential growth areas
  • Discuss current concerns in the industry and how you believe they could be addressed
  • Tell us why you deserve a Scholarship, and how it would benefit and provide self-improvement towards your career
  • Click here for full Terms & Conditions 

Scholarship Registration 2018

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3. Tell us about your goals and aspirations...

We receive a high volume of applicants, and we review each application. For your application to be considered, limit your answers to no more than 150 words per question.

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Add any previous training you have completed recently.
Add any concerns you have in your industry.
Add some emerging themes and potential growth areas in your industry.
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