The Great Fit-Off Challenge

How fast can you install an Excel Life DGPO?

Middys and Legrand Fit-off Challenge 2019
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Using your phone or tablet you simply video yourself, on a job site, installing an Excel Life ED777WE. To ensure every fit-off uses the same parameters you must follow the set process below:

  • No live cables are to be present or used when participating in this competition to ensure the safety of all participants, in addition all relevant Electrical Wiring and Safety rules must be adhered to at all times.
  • Wall box, plaster bracket, stud bracket can be pre cut-out.
  • All tools and the ED777WE must be placed on the ground in front of the installation area before the timing starts.
  • Timing starts as soon as a tool or the ED777WE is picked up.
  • The cable cannot be pre-stripped or prepared in any way and must form a part of the timed competition entry.
  • The cable needs to be sufficiently twisted and trimmed before being terminated into the ED777WE and cable pulled to show the cable is securely installed.
  • The ED777WE must be secured to the wall with the screws and caps (supplied with the ED777WE at time of purchase) secured along with the coverplate being fitted, the powerpoint must also be visually level.
  • Job done and timing finishes.
  • You then need to upload the video stating your business name, account code and name of the employee completing the challenge and upload to the “Middy’s and Legrand Fit-off Challenge 2019” event on Facebook or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • To send larger files using WeTransfer, please read the instructions here.

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