Middy's / Legrand Great Fit-Off Challenge

How Fast Can You Install an Excel Life DGPO ED777WE?

Middy's / Legrand Great Fit-Off Challenge
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Using your phone or tablet you simply video yourself, on a job site, installing an Excel Life ED777WE. To ensure every fit-off uses the same parameters you must follow the set process below:

  1. No live cables are to be present or in use to ensure participant safety.
  2. The wall box, plaster bracket, stud bracket etc. can be pre-cut out.
  3. The cable can be protruding from the cut-out and must not be pre-stripped or prepared in any way.
  4. All tools required and the ED777WE Excel Life Power Point must be placed on the ground, in front of the installation area.
  5. The timing starts as soon as you touch your tools or the ED777WE.
  6. The cable must be stripped and prepared for the fit-off into the powerpoint, all cable twisting must be at a suitable standard (sufficient twisting and preparation of the cable must occur).
  7. The cable needs to be terminated into the ED777WE and the cable pulled to show the cables are secured tightly.
  8. The power point needs to be secured to the wall with screw caps fitted, then the cover plate fitted with the fixed ED777WE being visibly level.
  9. Job done and timing finishes.
  10. Email your installation video with your Business name, account code and participating employee to: promotions@middys.com.au. If you have any issues sending your video due to file size please go to middyspromotions.wetransfer.com to upload.

Terms & Conditions: By sending a fit-off challenge video to promotions@middys.com.au which may be uploaded to the Middy’s Data & Electrical Facebook Page, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: For full terms and conditions click on the link below.


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