Habitat Intelligent Living™

Habitat Intelligent Living™

Customised Electrical Designs for your Customers

Habitat is a specialist electrical consultation provider in the residential and building arena. Acquired by Middendorp Electric Co, Habitat performs the role of specifying and up-selling electrical and new technology product in a home, townhouse, unit or apartment on your behalf. We provide the electrical consultation direct with the homeowner, enabling you to focus your attentions on more important matters.

The Benefits to You

  • Additional revenue generation for your business.
  • Greater dollar return per home.
  • Improving your brand image, offering your clients the latest technologies.
  • Giving you a more comprehensive service than your competitors.
  • Technical support for your staff.
  • Professional Technical and Consulting services for your clients.
  • Professional design and drafting services.
  • Systems and process implementation.
  • Inventory and display management.
  • Technology contractor liaisons.

Find out how Habitat can help grow your business & increase your revenue

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