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Middy's MAG

June - May'18 Issue No. 22

Sep - Nov '18 Issue No. 23

Welcome to your Middy’s MAG
Sep - Nov '18 Issue - The Lifestyle Control Issue
Hey Contractors! Home Automation, or as we like to call it, ‘Lifestyle Control’, is swiftly taking over the world and there is one thing for sure, it isn’t going away. Read up on what this means for the trade and how you can embrace the possibilities to target customers.

We feature a new section called Industry & Regulations Updates where we will keep you up to date with any industry or regulation changes that may affect your business. There are also heaps of Lifestyle Control and Energy Efficiency products from our trusted suppliers.

Happy reading, we hope you enjoy the latest issue of your Middy’s MAG.

Here’s a few snippets of what’s in Issue 23...

  • Industry & Regulations Updates
  • Middy’s Charging Ahead
  • Lifestyle Control is Taking Over
  • Pyrenees Timber Solar Case Study
  • Seb’s Big Shave

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