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2021 Small Business Awards Winners

2021 Small Business Awards Winners

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Meet the 2021 Small Business Awards Winners...

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the Middy's 2021 Small Business Awards. Each of our 4 SBA Winners received $5,000, and are now in the running for the $10,000 Nick Middendorp Award. The Awards Presentation function will be held on 12 November, where one of our SBA Winners will be announced as the $10,000 Nick Middendorp Award winner for 2021. Thanks to everyone for your entries and congratulations to our winners...

$5,000 Small Business Award Winners
Brendan Eggins - Eggins Electrical Darwin (Woolner) branch
Matthew Campbell - Accelerate Electrical St Kilda branch
Anthony Jasper - AMJ Industries Electrical Works Mundaring branch
Allen Fanning - AJF Electrical Darwin (Woolner) branch
$10,000 Nick Middendorp Small Business Award Winner
To be announced at the Awards Presentation Function in November 2021