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Scholarship Program Applicant Stories

Joe Hornung 2016 Gold Winner

Middy’s: How has the Scholarship grant assisted you in achieving your long-term career goals?

Joe Hornung: I joined the electrical industry later in life after a career change and believed that by applying for the Middy’s Scholarship it would open new opportunities to excel in my professional life. By undertaking courses that are beneficial and adding additional skills to my portfolio. This Scholarship grant has definitely assisted in achieving my long-term goals by new found skills.

Aaron Durasovic 2016 Gold Winner

Middy’s: How has the Scholarship grantassisted you in achieving your long-term career goals?

Aaron Durasovic: The goal for my company Earth and Energy is to continue to excel at helping small to medium businesses improve their energy efficiency. Undertaking extra education through the Scholarship Program, has furthered my knowledge and expertise in areas not covered by a conventional Certificate III in Electrotechnology

James Lee 2015 Gold Winner

We caught up and spoke to James about career aspirations and how the Middy's scholarship fits in.

Middy’s: What is your current employment in the Electrical Trades Industry?

James Lee: I am currently the Electrical Supervisor at Ego Pharmaceuticals, responsible for the operations of the electrical maintenance team of 5 at our Braeside facility in Victoria. The plant operates 24hrs a day, 5 days a week, which means some early 6am starts managing the demands of a round the clock facility! Ego is the largest Australian owned pharmaceutical company specialising in dermatology (skin care) and we manufacture all our products at our Braeside plant.

Daniel Parsons 2012 Gold Winner

Daniel won the $10,000 Gold Scholarship in 2012 at a time when he was running his own general electrical business. Whilst Daniel had the base level skills required to undertake the work, he had no idea about how to successfully run a business, and was finding his estimating, quoting and business management skills were way off the mark.

The Scholarship gave Daniel access to training and tools to evaluate, plan and measure the financial side of running a business. As well as the Estimating 1 & 2 and Frontline Management courses, Daniel studied Energy Efficiency and Lighting which sparked an unexpected passion for lighting design. In turn, he enrolled in a two year night course at RMIT in lighting design and engineering to build on the skills he learnt with his Scholarship.

Danielle Denblyden 2012 Silver Winner

Danielle started out in 2003 as a 21 year old apprentice and started her own business ‘A Zigi Spark’ in 2010. Danielle applied for the Scholarship in 2012 looking for opportunities to grow her business to the next level.

Danielle took the Electrical Inspectors course and Solar Installers course, which has in turn allowed her to become a fully qualified electrical inspector and solar installer.

Winning a Middy’s Scholarship has added extra bows to her business. Being an inspector as well as a general sparky has significantly broadened her customer base in Gippsland. With just a handful of inspectors available to do this kind of work, local electricians are now customers.

Chris Downing from CMD Electrical Contractors was a 2011 Gold Scholarship winner pocketing $10,000 worth of training. Watch the video and hear all about Chris’ Scholarship Program experience.

Michael Bruns from Stowe Australia was a 2011 Gold Scholarship winner pocketing $10,000 worth of training. Watch the video and hear all about Michael's Scholarship Program experience.

Craig Paterson 2009 Gold Scholarship Winner

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Middy's for their commitment to the Middy's Scholarship Awards Program. I'm sure the Middy's Scholarship program will continue to develop, inspire and energise everyone involved. The Scholarship Program is an initiative. I am very proud to be associated with. I congratulate all this year's award winners and wish them all the best for the future.

Craig Paterson, Paterson Electrical (Gold Scholarship winner)

Adam Hassett 2009 Gold Scholarship Winner

I would like to pass on my appreciation for being able to attend one of the best management courses that I have been involved in. With the use of the Middy's Scholarship, I was able to attend the ElectroComms course at Glen Erin Retreat. The presenter of the course, Thomas Chapman and Peter Wesley, were first rate and surroundings at Glen Erin first class. Parts of the course that were presented will be implemented into our company's structure.

Adam Hassett, Kane & Co (Gold Scholarship winner)