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Pyrenees Timber Solar Case Study

Pyrenees Timber is a family run sawmill in Chute, Victoria between Melbourne and Adelaide… 

They mill and supply hardwood to wholesalers, industry and the general public. Always on the lookout, as a business, to see how they can be more energy efficient and responsible for the environment, they approached Middy's TechEnergy to help with a solar installation project. The TechEnergy team proposed and installed a 100 Kilowatt solar panel system on site resulting in a drop of 40% in Pyrenees Timber's power bill. The Middy‘s TechEnergy solution aimed to maximise Pyrenees Timber's return on investment and provide an effective energy cost reduction strategy.

  • 100kW Solar System installed on site
  • Savings of $27K per year
  • 3.8 Year Payback Period

"The Middy’s staff were very professional and totally committed to their job from day one. They took complete control of the project, allowing us to focus on supplying products to our customers. It's early days yet but our first full month with the system installed saw a 40% drop in our power bill so we are excited to gain an understanding of our savings and return on investment over the next twelve months. I would certainly recommend Middy’s to other interested companies or individuals needing solar installation"- Ian Crick Manager, Pyrenees Timber 

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This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #23 Sep - Nov 2018 Edition.  Read Latest Issue

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